My name is Manon Bijkerk, I work under La Nonette as an illustrator.  I make illustrations and characters design for clients, I make self initiated work and I have my won label with prints and other illustrator goods. I also teach illustration and character design through my own courses.

Making art and illustrations gives me a sense of control.      As a born and raised feminist it never made sense to me that my gender determined the outcome of what and who I could be. Trough my work I want to empower other people, show all kinds of amazing bodies and people in their truest self and inspire radical self love. I like to add a lot of girl power as I feel the world had been mostly masculine for long enough.    I feel a ripple can cause a big wave. That’s why I’m never shy to speak my mind trough my work, but always with a sense of humor and a little wink.  


My style is very recognisable mine, whatever the medium. I like being myself before following trends. I’m inspired by all the wonderful and unique people around me, strolling trough nature, artists such a Halma von Klimt, Tamara de Lempicka and David Hockney and Fashion design from all decennia. 

I currently live and work in the pittoresque city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, together with my partner, our two black cats and sixty-four houseplants.


Trough my work I want to empower other people


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Photo’s: Danique Bijkerk